November 27, 2021

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New ‘Clinger Grenade’ Lands In ‘Fortnite’ v3.6 Alongside Legendary Cosmetics

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Credit : Daily Star

Credit: Epic Games

A brand new weapon is on its way to Fortnite: Battle Royale this week in content update v3.6.

The ‘Clinger Grenade’ is half-grenade, half-plunger. It’s a sticky bomb that you can stick to structures or other players.

It should be interesting to see how this impacts gameplay. It certainly sounds like a less invasive addition than the guided rockets.

The last weapon to be added to the game was last week’s LMG (light machine gun) which I’ve had a lot of fun with. I don’t play around with explosives quite as much as other weapons, though they can come in handy against opponent structures.

Fortnite servers will go down tomorrow morning at 4 am EST / 1 am PST. Once those are live all the v3.6 changes will go live with it, including the Clinger Grenade.


  • Clinger added.
    • Stats:
      • Rarity: Uncommon
      • Location: Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, Treasure Chests
      • Explosion Delay (once attached to target): 2.5 seconds
      • Player Damage: 100
      • Structure Damage: 200
      • Radius: 1 Tile
      • Max Stack Size: 10
      • Pickup Stack Size: 3
    • Stick this grenade to an enemy and wait for it to explode after a short duration!
      • Cannot explode in the air.
    • Will cling to any surface or player hit.
    • Will detonate early if a structure it is attached to is destroyed.
  • Reduced chances of finding Remote Explosives in Treasure Chests by ~40%.
  • Minigun adjustments:
    • Increased accuracy by 10%.
    • Decreased recoil by 10%.
    • Increased damage from 16/17 (Epic/Legendary) to 18/19.
  • Greatly improved hit registration of long range Sniper Rifle and Crossbow projectiles.
  • Port-a-Fort improvements:
    • Port-a-Fort tires no longer grant falling damage immunity after players bounce off them.
    • Port-a-Fort trajectory preview now indicates if it will build with stilts and a ramp.
    • Port-a-Fort trajectory now turns red if aimed too high.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a collision issue with the Port-a-Fort tires that allowed downed players to hide in them.
  • Fixed an issue where Submachine Guns intermittently failed to reload.
  • Fixed an issue where Cozy Campfire healed for one more second than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where red hitmarkers wouldn’t show when the Rocket Launcher dealt damage.
  • The red light on Remote Explosives can no longer be seen through doors.
  • Fixed an issue causing consumables from Loot Llamas and Supply Drops to exceed the maximum stack size in a player’s inventory.


  • Short fences will no longer block you from building structures.
  • First shot accuracy is now reset when you crouch, uncrouch, or switch weapons.
  • Players now spawn closer to their squadmates on the starting island.
  • Moved the groups of spawn points on the starting island to be closer to one another.
  • Supply Drop balloon health has been adjusted based on playlist:
    • Solo: 500
    • Duo: 750
    • Squad: 1250
  • Supply Drops now spawn twice as high and fall twice as fast.

Bug Fixes

  • Builder Pro
    • Fixed an issue where primary fire could be interrupted when releasing aim down sights.
    • Fixed an issue where sprinting could stop if you switched to build mode and attempted to quickly build a ramp.
    • Fixed an issue causing player’s weapons to automatically fire after placing a structure and switching to the weapon.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Supply Drops:
    • Balloon collision no longer remains after the crate is opened.
    • Supply Drops no longer get stuck on structures, trees, or in the air.
    • Fixed Port-a-Fort tires floating in the air when Port-a-Fort is thrown at a Supply Drop.
  • Players no longer take falling damage when landing on top of tires.
  • Fixed an issue that caused doors to recoil after quickly spamming the interact input when approaching the door.
  • Fixed an issue that switched the wrong building piece to edit mode when attempting to edit a different piece.

The Return Of The King

Alongside the Clinger Grenade, Lunar New Year Legendary Skin, Wukong returns to the item shop.

Wukong is joined by the really awesome Dragon Glider. Check out both items below:

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic
Credit: Epic

Each of these costs 2,000 V-Bucks, or about $20.

I also really dig this Alice-in-Wonderland style pink flamingo:

Credit: Epic


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