November 29, 2021

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Fortnite Tilted Towers meteor strike isn’t the only MAJOR Battle Royale change

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FortniteBattle Royale fans believe the end is nigh for Tilted Towers.

Fortnite fans recently spotted a comet floating in the skies above Tilted Towers.

This has led to speculation that Epic Games is getting ready to level the region in a bid to balance the game.

One popular theory is that the comet will strike Tilted Towers at the end of season 3 on April 30.

This is based on a morse code message linked to newly discovered controller rumblings.

According to one Reddit user, the rumblings translate to “SOS D 5 418”, which supports the Tilted Towers theory.

Tilted Towers is located at D5 on the map, while 418 could be a reference to April 2018. The SOS, meanwhile, is pretty self-explanatory.

However, other fans believe that Tilted Towers will be destroyed later today on April 18.

Either way, the Tilted Towers meteor strike isn’t the only change being made to Battle Royale.


Just a few weeks after introducing Guided Missiles to Fortnite, Epic has decided to remove them from the game.

Responding to complaints about the Guided Missile being too overpowered, Epic has disabled the weapon in order to rebalance things.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around the Guided Missile, in particular concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon,” an Epic post reads.

“We share your concerns, so we’ve put the Guided Missile into the vault while we figure out the next steps for its future.”

Epic is also planning to release fixes for a weapon swapping issue and a bug around peeking over structures.


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